Lead on the Lake

This past weekend Morgan, Melanie, Brandon, and I went to High Rock lake to meet up with some friends.  We got a late start that afternoon, so when we made it to the lake we headed straight for the island they were all hanging out at.  We found them and there was only one spot left to pull the boat up to.  Our boat has a fiberglass hull, so sandy areas are the only safe place to pull up on.  There was a few boulders around the island, but not too close to where this spot was.  As we started to pull up I had a feeling something wasn’t right.  For some reason I just thought that we were going to damage the boat if we drove all the way up shore.  Keep in mind that I have never been to this island before.  I stopped and told Brandon that I thought we should anchor up the boat about 25 feet out.  He was thinking that we would probably be fine shoring the boat.  The girls weren’t too crazy about getting wet to make it over to the island.  Our friends were telling us to come on up and not park so far out.  However, I just couldn’t let it go.  I really didn’t want to take the boat to the shore.  So we threw the anchor out away from the island, and I jumped in to tie the boat from the other end too a tree.  Soon as I got in and started walking I hit my toe on a hug rock under water, not even 10 feet from where we anchored.  It had to be just as big as I am.  I felt around the rock to see how far it stuck out of the ground, and It was less than two feet from the top of the water.  If we would have gone any further, It would have done major damage to the boat.  The more I thought about it that night, I was so amazed and thankful that the Holy Spirit protected us in this way.   This cautious feeling I had was similar to the prompting to give someone a word of encouragement, or having compassion to pray for someone; so I know it was the Spirit leading me.  How awesome is that!  Our God loves us so much, that He even wants to protect us from danger when we are out just having fun!

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