Walking by Faith

These two stories are too good not to share!

In June we started a job at Reynolda House in Winston Salem.  I came across an old style city manhole on the job that went out of production several years back.  We needed to find a way to raise the manhole and make it accessible, since we were paving over top of it.  Procrastinating, as usual, I waited until the day of to address the issue.  Usually we just buy a riser ring for the lid and pave around them.  I was optimistic that one of my regular suppliers would have one laying around.  Not the case!  With just a few hours before the crew was ready to pave in this area, I had called every supplier in the triad, with none in stock.  I pulled into Lowes in Kernersville, as a last chance effort to find something that would work.  At this point I prayed and said, “Father, it says in your word that the things that are impossible with man are possible with you.  I am a new covenant child, righteous by the blood of Jesus, provide me with a solution for this problem.”  Soon as I got to Lowes, I had the thought, “I need to settle this in my heart.”  The second I let go, trusting that God would provide, I received a phone call from a guy at the city yard that I called earlier and had left a voicemail.  I explained to him what I was looking for, and he said, “Oh yeah, I have one of them here in the yard.  Where are you at, and I will bring it to you.”  Soon as I hung up, I realized that His grace gave me more than what I asked for.  Not only did I find a (rare) riser ring, it was delivered to me.  The moment I rested in Him, He provided.  I literally didn’t have to do a thing!

We had another job start up at a church in Rural hall in early July.  I was dealing with the pastor in managing the project.  The second day in we came across a large area near their front entrance that was falling apart as our dump trucks continued to drive across it.  In order to get the new asphalt to last, there must be a hard surface underneath.  Generally we dig out these soft areas and fill them in with asphalt to beef up the pavement, however, this was unexpected and would cost allot extra.  I called the pastor and asked him to meet me there so I could show and explain the situation to him.  Now some people (especially those that are not in the industry) don’t understand the concerns with these issues.  Plus, any time you say the words “change order” things can get tense with budgets involved (which I understand).  In the past, I have had owners tell me, “Yall bid it, now fix it.”  I had no reason to think this pastor would put me in that position, but was still nervous on how it would go.  I mean this was no small repair.  I was estimating approximately $25000 for the extra work. As I saw him walking to me I said, “Jesus, I am in you, in right standing before my Father.  This is not my problem this is yours.  I rest in you!”  He approached and I began to explain the situation as thoroughly as possible.  Before I could even bring up the cost, he said, “I trust that you will not take advantage of us.  With that said, I would like to keep it under $25000 if possible.”  After we wrapped up the conversation, I felt so much peace in how loved I was.  The verse come to mind “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”  How effortless it is flowing in His grace!

Life is so much easier trusting God!

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